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Other Products

01622 890220We stock many other products. A small selection is shown here.

Also we provide a discreet, reliable and flexible sanitary bin service. Our service is very competitive with no long term contract required.

Toilet Tissue

For high usage washrooms. Ideal where space is at a premium. Longer lifespan than conventional and Perforated.

Toilet tissue in packs

Traditional toilet rolls, range from 200-400 sheets, From luxury "retail" printed to economy, cost conscious rolls.

Hand towels

Effective hand drying. For high usage washrooms. Embossed for softness and absorbency. Available in 1 and 2 ply and various folds.

Refuse Sacks

We stock a range of refuse sacks including heavy duty, medical waste sacks, clear waste sacks, compactor sacks, sacks on a roll, swing bin liners and pedal bin liners. Odd sizes can usually be made to order.

Vinyl / Latex / Nitrile Gloves

We stock a full range of gloves, consisting of General purpose gloves, rigger gloves, welders gloves, chemical resistant gloves, disposable gloves, household gloves, vinyl, nitrile, latex and powder free.


Our cloths range from textile cleaning cloths, stockinette rolls and dusters, non wovens, optima, microfibre, sponges and scourers.


Easy squeeze bucket, mopping systems, bio cleaning tool, microfibre wetmopping systems, and microfibre damp mopping systems.


We stock a range of mops including traditional cotton mops which are available in PY and Twine yarn. Kentucky mops which are available in 3 grades of yarn, PY and twine. The Kentucky mop is designed for cleaning large areas and laying down large amounts of liquid. Hygiene mops are long lasting, machine washable and super absorbent. They come with a range of hygiene handles and are colour coded. We also supply a large amount of mop handles and fittings.

Brushes & Brooms

We stock a vast amount of dustpans, hygiene brushes, food safe hygiene brooms and squeegees, and hand held brushes.

Hand Sanitizing Gel

A clear alcohol based unperfumed hand sanitising gel for use in any situation where bactericidal control is important. Approved and tested against the MRSA bacteria. We also stock a alcohol free sanitising gel.

Hand Sanitizers & Dispensers

The spray sanitising dispenser. A quality lockable sanitising dispenser to co-ordinate with our highly successful paper dispenser range. Packed in a hygienic hermetically sealed 800ml pouch. Each push of the dispenser lever gives 0.6ml of product. A high capacity pack for less frequent refilling.

We have some special offers on various hand sanitizers please contact us for more information or brochure.

This is just a small selection of our products so please contact us for our brochure.